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Find your world.

What We Do

Curiographic is a multimedia studio specializing in playful transmedia storytelling for curious humans of all ages.


Our Vision

We believe our world and the worlds of our imaginations are rich and marvelous places full of diverse and incredible life. Knowing this, we illuminate the magic and magnificence that is everywhere and in everyone so that people of all ages share our wonder.

Our Mission

We create magical, curious stories and experiences for children, teenagers, and adults to inspire wonder and spark the imagination. We encourage others to join our mission with tools and services for creators and aspiring creators of all ages.


How We Work


Be Kind

If the golden rule is to treat others how we would like to be treated, then we should follow that rule. We should have empathy and treat people, and our environment, with respect.

Be curious

The universe is an amazingly complex place. Everyday the human species learns more about itself and the cosmos. Being curious opens us to always be learning new things and helps up keep from becoming set in our ways.

Be playful

Sometimes it is important to be serious, but there is an awful lot of stress in the world. We strive to counter that with playfulness, as there is so much beauty, so much wonder, and so much magic in the world to discover. It's okay and even encouraged to have fun!

It is scary to take a risk. It is also sometimes scary to do the right thing. We aspire to have the courage to do both, when the situation calls for it.

Be Brave

Time and resources are valuable, but we don't get far when we are stingy with them. We want to look for ways to give back to our communities (both physical and digital). We share resources, knowledge, and time to help creators and communities be successful.

Be Generous

No one gets anywhere alone. We are grateful for those who help us - family, creators, community, patrons, customers - and find special ways to show gratitude.

Be Thankful


Who We Are


kristy cunningham bigler

Kristy is the founder of Curiographic.  She is a User Experience Lead at Hobsons and graphic novelist known for her long running web comic, Infinite Spiral. She is also a Co-Organizer for the DC-Baltimore area collective, Square City Comics. From a rural county in Central Ohio, play and imagination were essential in reinventing the space around her. Play is now central to her work, and she strives to inspire wonder and spark the imagination.